I cannot stop talking about Paul. It’s like he’s my sixth grade boyfriend or something. But this is why: he’s cute, funny, has great footwear (and he’s single! and straight! sorry to stereotype, but come on…it’s kind of a rare thing). Oh! And he gives good haircuts, colour, and style at Solo Bace (at Yonge & Yorkville in Toronto). Right, that’s what’s most important! I think I’ve sent at least a girl a week to him. Which I probably wouldn’t do if he was my boyfriend. And I actually really do need to stop talking about him because at this rate I’m never going to get another appointment with him because he’s going to be booked up for months. But I guess I’m just that kind of girl. I want to share the love. Here are Paul’s answers to my 10 pressing questions I asked him last time I was in the hot seat.

1. Favourite Hair Look Right Now?
The Lob (long bob). It suits every face shape and most hair textures. My favourite Lob look is worn messy, with a fringe.

2. Hair Trend You Want to Revive?
All looks from the 60’s. (Mob bob, pixie/Twiggy cut, Bridgette Bardot volume,)

3. If there’s one product we should all buy…
Argan oil.

4. Favourite restaurant?
Buca, one of the city’s best!

5. Can’t live without…
My iphone and coffee.

6. Favourite time-wasting activity?
My iphone

7. Who’s your style icon?
James Dean for fashion, George Clooney for lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to be Clooney?!

8. Hair tip?
Don’t wash your hair everyday. Remember 100 strokes with a good brush everynight? Well, it actually works! All the natural oils will move from your root to the ends where it’s needed.

9. Dating tip?
If you have any, please share…

10. Surprise fact about you?
I used to break dance in competitions.


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  1. R says:

    He sounds delicious! Thanks for the tip

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