We all know celeb-spoked fragrances sell. That’s why sometimes, it seems, it’s not so much about their next role as their next commercial in Hollywood-you-like-to-sell-my-product-land. But that doesn’t mean you should disregard a fragrance just because it has a celeb-tie-in. It’s not like the celeb actually created¬†the scent (but you knew that right?).¬†Yes, they get to go into the lab, and yes, they get to say which notes they prefer, but they are not the nose. The nose is part artist part scientist, and just like every other fragrance, the nose has created it. Not The Biebs or Britney or Swifty. Which is exactly why you really shouldn’t judge a fragrance by its name or its spokeperson.

It’s also the reason I have no problem saying I like Taylor Swift’s new fragrance (not that I actually have any real problem with TS at all. Sure she’s no Coco Chanel, but she’s sweet and talented and good at what she does, what’s there to criticize her for?). And her fragrance, Wonderstruck is like a lovely blend of fresh petals, light fruit and a hint of honey. I like the rollerball version, since it’s an eau de parfum but the applicator makes it less intense. And it makes for a nice little addition to my summer day bag.

$22, at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora, Sears, Murale and London Drugs.

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