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Power of Oils

I am loving this oil trend – and how now, there is an oil for every part of your body! This morning on Global Winnipeg I shared my knowledge about the oil trend and four fantastic products out there for hair, face, and body.

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Battle of the beauty experts

Yesterday on the Marilyn Denis Show, Beauty Expert Jill Dunn and I faced off to find the least expensive product to fix 4 beauty woes. We battle it out, but I love Jill — and have known her for more than 10 years (we used to work together in the beauty department at ELLE Canada!).

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Red carpet beauty secrets of the stars

Since the Oscars are Sunday, today on the Marilyn Denis Show it was all about the red carpet–and the little secrets the stars use when the cameras aren’t on them, to make sure they look good when the cameras are. Products to Steal the Red Carpet Looks Chantel’s hair by Sun at Concepts Day Spa…

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new year’s beauty resolutions

new year’s beauty resolutions

Here are my topĀ 8 beauty resolutionsĀ that are easy to stick to, products that are fun to use, and results that will make you feel good about yourself. And who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves, even on a bad day? The products, the prices & where to buy them: Beauty Resolution: I will have…

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Water world

I thought a Thalassotherapy treatment was a long, boring soak in a tub. Boy was I wrong.

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