Pongapalooza Tuesday


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It’s like Pancake Tuesday, only there are no pancakes. Like Lollapalooza without the mud. Instead, there is ping-pong and party drinks. And prizes! If you live in Toronto, come out to SPIN Toronto tonight for the first ever Pongapalooza, hosted by … Continue reading

I have a face for radio…

This weekend – as with every Sunday at 1 pm – I’ll be on The Buddha Lounge, a radio show I’ve really come to love, which airs every Sunday at 1 pm on CFRB 1010 AM.

For about five minutes, I talk about where to eat, shop and play in Toronto in between fascinating guests — authors, musicians, artists. Why haven’t I mentioned it before now?

There’s a very good reason. The show is taped, so when the amazing host, Natasha, asked me to be a part of it, I thought it would be a breeze.

I thought  I’d get retakes. You know, I cough, they stop the tape. I flub, they stop the tape. I get hiccups, they stop the tape.

Um…they didn’t stop the tape. At all. Even when I garbled my words on the first show so incredibly embarrassingly that it sounded like I had bubbles in my mouth. I guess I can be thankful I didn’t get the hiccups at the same time.

So technically, even though it’s taped, it’s still sort of live.

Anyway, I’m now a few weeks into it and I feel confident enough that I don’t sound like the biggest loser ever, so now I’m telling you about it.

If you have a favourite new find in the city, let me know and I’ll mention it in an upcoming show!

Meeting Jane Green


The other day I was invited to Dove Spa to meet bestselling author Jane Green! So exciting. I loved her. She was so warm, funny and sweet. 

I’d post pictures but my computer is turning people in pictures into marshmallow men. Like Fluff.

I wish we had Fluff in the house. It’s probably a good thing we don’t.

Anyway, there are pictures and more tales from the afternoon over here