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Pongapalooza Tuesday

It’s like Pancake Tuesday, only there are no pancakes. Like Lollapalooza without the mud. Instead, there is ping-pong and party drinks. And prizes! If you live in Toronto, come out to SPIN Toronto tonight for the first ever Pongapalooza, hosted by First Book Canada. You can still buy a Spectator ticket and watch as teams fight…

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ready for your close-up?

Building your brand or branding yourself? Media training can help you get into the spotlight — and look and sound great once you’re there. On April 27 I’ll be presenting at the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors’ lunch and sharing all the secrets I’ve learned from being on TV — from how to prepare, how…


Water world

I thought a Thalassotherapy treatment was a long, boring soak in a tub. Boy was I wrong.


I have a face for radio…

This weekend – as with every Sunday at 1 pm – I’ll be on The Buddha Lounge, a radio show I’ve really come to love, which airs every Sunday at 1 pm on CFRB 1010 AM. For about five minutes, I talk about where to eat, shop and play in Toronto in between fascinating guests…

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Meeting Jane Green

  The other day I was invited to Dove Spa to meet bestselling author Jane Green! So exciting. I loved her. She was so warm, funny and sweet.  I’d post pictures but my computer is turning people in pictures into marshmallow men. Like Fluff. I wish we had Fluff in the house. It’s probably a good…

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