Have you tried Lipidol skincare oils? And if not, why not?

Oils, oils, oils. Super-high end oil cleansers been around for years as cult obsessions, but these prestige brands cost $100+ for a bottle. So I’ve never been a huge fan because it should not cost that much to wash your face. But last year, the makers of Bio-Oil launched Lipidol, an entire line of skincare oils available at Walmart for $8.97 each. Lipidol products are designed to help replace the oils we strip away every day from shaving, soaps and dry air, and they also help protect skin against moisture loss.

If you see me on TV, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Lipidol.

I first tried the brand last fall. Then I did a segment on CTV’s The Social where I talked about beauty trends, including skincare oils. Then a few months ago I created a video with a tip for using Lipidol which I shared via Instagram.

The other day I realized I’m still using the Facial Cleansing Oil. Given that I try about 2-3 new facial products a week, it’s astonishing to me that I would come back to this product. But there’s good reason. It seems to fit that need at all times of the year. In winter, I tend to have super-dry skin, and I’ve found that using oils – whether it’s the cleansing oil or the overnight oil – way more moisturizing than even a typical face cream. And now that summer is here, I’ve found it’s been fantastic because it’s soothing, gentle (when I’m washing my face multiple times a day after playing tennis or soccer with the kids).

I just got back from a sunny holiday, and I packed Lipidol Facial Cleansing Oil instead of packing makeup remover and a face wash. The bottle’s plastic so it’s great for travel (and can even go into your carry-on bag). And when I was out in the drying sun for 10 hours a day, my parched skin craved a hydrating oil rather than a stripping face wash. For once, I came home from a vacation and didn’t have flaking, peeling skin.

Earlier this year, Chick Advisor asked 200 women from all across Canada to give Lipidol a try – and now the results are in. See what they had to say here.

Want to give Lipidol a try? I got my husband, dad, stepmom and best friend all hooked on Lipidol, and I know you’ll love it too. So I’m giving away one set of the entire line of Lipidol Oils for Daily Skincare, valued at $45! The prize includes Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil, Lipidol Overnight Face Oil, Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil, Lipidol After Shower Oil, and Lipidol After Shave Oil. To win, leave a comment or share this post via social media and let me know! Winner will be chosen on May 31, 2016.